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The arm, elbow, and hand are sensitive parts of a human body. Most of the time when one is involved in an accident especially when participating in sports, one of these parts ends up injured. The treatment of these injuries requires qualified personnel with enough experience to treat an injured person effectively.

In addition, these injuries can be caused by aging, overuse or trauma. This is common depending on how you rely on your hand for activities on a daily basis. The injuries and conditions involving the arm elbow and hand may be minor or severe. Depending on the severity, this restricts your movement. This might in turn reduce your productivity by limiting your ability to work and play.

For minor injuries, the most applicable first aid procedure starts with applying ice packs to the injured area. Applying of ice reduces pain and diminishes swelling. However, ice should not be placed directly on the skin since this may cause frost burns. Compressing the injured area is also a recommendable first that will reduce swelling.

Diagnosis of hand injuries and conditions

Our orthopedic services include imaging and radiology department which is equipped with X-Ray and MRI scans machines. Furthermore, we have specialists who interpret X-Ray images expertisely. We also have a fully equipped state of the art therapy center for both occupational and physical therapy where one can complete any rehabilitation he or she may need after treatment.

Common Arm elbow and hand injuries & conditions we treat:

Mallet finger

The Mallet finger is an injury that involves the thin tendon that straightens the end joint of a finger. The mallet finger may cause the straightening of your finger’s tip impossible.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when swelling in this tunnel puts pressure on the wrist’s nerve. It may cause tingling or numbness in your hand & wrist.


Arthritis involves the breakdown of the protective cartilage around the joints. In the long run, this results in pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

Bicep Tendon Injury

An injury to your biceps tendon can cause cramping pain during routine recreational and vocational activities. The biceps muscle provides strength that enables us to bend our elbow and also rotate our forearm. An injury to a bicep tendon can also bring about significant arm weakness.

Elbow Fractures

Elbow fractures mainly result from a direct impact to the elbow, a fall, or an injury which twist the arm. It is important to note that sprains, dislocations or strains can occur concurrently with a fracture. To confirm if a fracture is present we use X-rays. The Xrays are also used to confirm the bones that are out of place.

Wrist Sprains

The most common injured ligament in the arm is the Scapholunate Ligament, which is a ligament between two of the small bones in the wrist, the scaphoid bone, and the lunate bone. A sprain to your wrist will most likely injure this ligament.

Fractures of the Elbow, Hand & Wrist

A fracture to the elbow hand and wrist occurs when force is applied to a bone to the extent it breaks. When this happens, there is swelling and pain on the injured part.

Chronic wrist pain

This is mostly caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or gout.

Congenital hand conditions

This includes conditions where the fingers are curved or bent.

Crushed or smashed fingers

This involves trauma to one or more fingers.

Common Treatment/Surgeries for injuries and conditions we treat

Orthopedic treatment available for conditions affecting the hand, wrist and elbow include;

Non-surgical treatment

The Non-surgical methods carried out include:

  • Anti-inflammatory injections or other prescription medications.
  • Hand therapy is also given as a primary treatment
  • Hand therapy and rehabilitation also can be provided following a surgical procedure with the goal of helping patients regain strength.

Surgical Treatments

The surgical methods carried out include;

  • Carpal tunnel surgery. This involves a surgeon cutting the tendon that’s been putting pressure on the median nerve. Furthermore, there is also the wrist arthroscopy which involves surgery that reconstructs the wrist.
  • Tendon transfer surgery. This is mainly for patients who have suffered a spinal cord injury. This procedure aims to restore wrist function for these patients. Reconstructive elbow surgery, on the other hand involves rebuilding a  torn ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow using a tendon tissue from somewhere else in the body or a donor.
  • Hand plastic surgery, this is a cosmetic, reconstructive procedure that can be part of a treatment plan for hand or wrist injuries from a traumatic accident.

Our Orthopedic practice has a team of qualified physicians and certified surgeons who are recognized nationally as leaders in the treatment of all shoulder, arm and elbow conditions.

The arm elbow and hand are sensitive, and therefore injuries and conditions to them should be dealt with seriously. We recommend therapy sessions and adequate rest after surgery to enhance healing faster and fully.

For professional assistance visit our centers, our doctors and surgeons will advise you on issues you have concerning arm, elbow, and hand.

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