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Common Knee Conditions We Treat in Naples, Florida

Knee conditions are common to most of us, Be it a minor problem or even a major one it is important that we don’t shrug it off that easily. Here we shall look at some of the knee conditions that should be looked at by a professional;

Knee dislocations

A knee dislocation occurs when the fibula and the tibia bones of the legs are not moved in proportion with the femur (found in the thigh). In addition, this happens when ligaments of the knee tear down.

Knee dislocations are mostly caused by twists in falls, car crashes, or intense physical activities. Common symptoms include deformation of the knee, swelling, and pain.

Tendon and ligament injuries (ACL injury, PCL Injury)

Also known as a sprain, a ligament injury is a tear or a stretch of the fibrous tissue that connects bones to their respective bone joints. Tendon and ligament injuries are caused by twisting or turning quickly in vigorous activity.

The symptoms of both are almost similar, but the common ones include pain, inflammation, and bruising in some cases.

Meniscal tears

Meniscal tears occur when the meniscus (a small rubbery disk that cushions a knee) tears down. The condition is caused by turning quickly or twisting, often when the foot is planted on the ground.

Common symptoms include pain and swelling (if minor) and even catching, popping or locking of the knee (if severe).

Common Knee Treatments We Offer in Naples

Knee surgery

The doctor might opt for knee surgery if they find a stiff, painful knee which restricts one’s activities, or when other treatments are no longer working.

In the procedure, the victim is temporally put to sleep, and a cut is made in their knee to replace the damaged part of the joint with an artificial one.

Knee Replacement

A knee replacement is a surgery carried out to replace the worn-out or damaged knee joint and usually lasts for an average period of 20 years. It may either be a Partial Knee Replacement or a Total Knee Replacement depending on severity.

To perform the procedure, the doctor may consider knee injuries, deformity, hemophilia, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other disorder. The worn ends of the knee joint are usually replaced with metal or plastic parts.

Knee reconstructions

In cases where the ligaments can’t be sown back together, reconstruction is the best path to take. A knee reconstruction generally involves the replacement of a torn Anterior Cruciate (ACL). The surgeon will perform a tissue graft from a tendon such as the hamstring tendon, which the doctor will extract from the patient through specialized equipment and procedures.

The doctor will first examine one’s knee and then proceed to repair any torn meniscus if any. They will also remove loose bodies and treat any chondral damages. The procedure lasts for about one hour.

Knee Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Knee rehabilitation and physical therapy programs are a supportive step towards full recovery. Knee rehabilitation starts immediately after one has had a knee surgery.

The program includes exercises for strengthening the knee and recommendations of pain control and movements. Usually, a family member or a guardian is expected to avail themselves during therapy sessions.

The doctor or therapist will typically guide the patient against falls by asking them to use caution when lying down, getting up and resting.

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions We Treat in Naples

Sprained Ankle (chronic and one time issues)

A sprained ankle occurs when one twists their ankle joint, therefore stretching and possibly tearing the ligaments of the ankle. Rapid shifting movement while one’s foot is planted on the ground is the most common cause.

Usually, the ankle rolls out while the foot turns inward, causing the ligaments on the outside to overstretch and tear. In some cases, the ankle may move inwards although this is rare. This, in turn, damages the ligaments found on the inside of the ankle.

Common symptoms include swelling, pain, and bruising. The more the pain one has, the more severe the sprain.

Broken ankle

A broken ankle happens when the ankle bone fractures. It is caused by putting so much stress on the ankle joint that it gives way and breaks. Common causes include rolling the ankle in or out, flexing or stretching the joint, twisting, or applying much pressure on the ankle.

Symptoms include swelling, pain, bruising, numbness of the toes or even bone deformities.

Common Foot and Ankle Treatments in Naples

Ankle rehabilitation

Ankle rehabilitation is executed adjust after treatment, during the recovery of the sprain. The program includes a schedule where the patient follows the doctor’s instructions and recommendations on such things as movement and exercise.

Often, the doctor uses a grading system of Mild, Moderate to Severe to as a guide to choosing a suitable program.

Ankle surgery

After the ankle joints are damaged, and the patient has not responded to other treatment means an ankle surgery is necessary. The procedure depends on the severity of the condition although the standard process involves replacing the worn-out ends of one's tibia and talus bones with artificial ones.

The process generally takes two hours, and a patient is required to stay in the hospital for two days.

Knee and foot injuries are common to everyone, mainly because they are caused by minor things such as simply walking on an uneven surface. They are also universal regarding age, with much prevalence witnessed in men between 15 and 24 years of age.

Seeing one of our Naples doctors or a physicians and following the right treatment procedures is, therefore, essential when one experiences any of the mentioned symptoms. After treatment, you should further follow the rehabilitation program if the doctor recommends any.

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