naples interventional pain management

Naples Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management is a sub-section of the medicine specialty of pain management that specializes in quite a number of techniques for pain blocking. It is mostly done through injection therapies at our Naples Pain Management office.

Common Pain Management Conditions We Treat In Naples

Chronic back and neck pain treatment

Most of the neck and back pain are usually brief. However chronic back and neck pains can be disastrous stopping you from going to your normal functions. This problem can hugely handicap your movements and capabilities, and if not addressed, it can get worse and spread, thus, limiting you even further

Chronic head and face pain treatment

Facial pain and headache are among the more common complaints in hospitals. A big number of patients suffering from this particular problem normally have the normal neurological examination. A headache is commonly classified into 14 main categories as well as over 300 headache disorders.

Post-traumatic pain syndrome treatment

Most of the cases under this condition normally represent a symptom complex characterized by relentless pain as well as protracted disability usually after a minor injury.

Muscle pain treatment

Almost each and every one of us has had aching muscles from time to time. Muscle pain can involve the entire body or just a small area of the body. This pain ranges from mild to very severe.

Cancer treatment

Cancer can be described as a group of diseases that involve cells that grow abnormally with the ability to spread and attack other parts of the body. Sometimes, cancer patients can experience excruciating pain, and interventional pain management could actually come to their aid from time to time.

Post-surgical pain treatment

Pain after surgery is absolutely normal. It is common with a big percentage of patients experiencing it.

Lumbar Radiculopathy (Sciatica) Treatment

Lumbar Radiculopathy refers to the nerve irritation which is usually as a result of the inflammation, compression as well as injury to the to a spinal nerve root found at the lower back. It can also occur if the discs between the vertebrae are damaged.

Joint Pain Treatment

It refers to any kind of discomfort or aches in any of the joints of the body.Some of these include; sacroiliac joint dysfunction which is believed to cause leg pain as well as low back pain, arthritis which can be described as any disorder that affects a joint in the body, and many other joint pain conditions.

Head Pain and Migraine Treatment

This is a kind of a headache that usually affects only one side of the head, but in a few cases, patients may experience sharp headaches on both sides of the head. They are normally associated with sensitivity smells, various types of sound, and too much light.

Pain from Injury

Any kind of injury has the potential to cause severe pain which may lead to the necessity of interventional pain management.

Naples Interventional pain management treatments

Injection Treatments for Pain Management

Injection treatments are also referred to as nerve blocks. Their main aim is to relieve temporary pain.

What injections are used for and how they work

Injection Treatments aim to send strong medications near the nerve or right onto it to relieve pain.

Epidural injections

Steroids are sent directly to the inflamed nerve root. The main purpose of a cervical injection is to relieve pain that is mostly caused by inflammation of the neck’s nerves. Lumber injections help relieve pain in the lower back while thoracic injections ease pain around the mid spine region. Caudal injections are injections administered to the lowest region of the epidural space.

Sacroiliac joint injections

Sacroiliac joint injections are primarily used for two main reasons; To treat or diagnose pain in the lower back, and to diagnose sciatica symptoms.

Facet joint injection

Facet Join injections assist in diagnosing and on some occasions even treating back as well as neck pains that initially come from face joints.

Nerve Block Treatments in Naples

How they work and what they are for

The main aim of these injections is “turning off” a pain signal originating from a certain location in your body. Medication is injected into a certain area of your body which often blocks a group of nerves (plexus/ganglion) that are responsible for the pain you are experiencing in a specific body region.

Types of nerve blocks

Maxillary nerve blocks- the upper jaw. Supraorbital nerve block- forehead. Sphenopalatine nerve block- nose and palate. Ophthalmic nerve block- eyelids and scalp. Trigeminal nerve blocks- face.

Naples Radiation treatments

Radiotherapy Treatments

During radiotherapy, high-energy radiation is used to get rid of cancer cells as well as shrink tumors.


Radiopharmaceuticals are a group of radioactive pharmaceutical drugs.


Radiosurgery is surgery done through radiation. It involves targeting specific areas of tissue through ionizing radiation.

Drug delivery systems

Drug delivery systems are technologies that are mainly engineered to administer a pharmaceutical drug with the aim of therapeutic effect in both animals and humans.

Spinal cord stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is where an electronic device is surgically induced right under your skin with the aim of sending small electric current to the patient’s spinal cord.

Deep brain stimulation

It is the process where electrodes are implanted within specific sections of your brain. They then produce impulses that help a great deal in regulating the abnormal impulses.

As discussed above it is clear that most of the body pains go away by themselves after a short period. However, when pain tampers with your normal way life such that it cannot even be managed using conservative therapies, it is at this point that you are advised to seek the medical advice of a professional interventional pain management specialist.

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