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Naples Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Our Naples Orthopedic rehabilitation and physical therapy services target patients with injuries of the musculoskeletal system - tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. This is usually done in the healing stage after one has had an orthopedic operation.

The primary focus is given to improving functional skills, restoring the strength, fixing the range of motion, and rehabilitating one back to the normal state so that they can resume their daily physical duties.

Since many patients habitually have certain weaknesses and deficiencies after surgery, rehabilitation is essential in the process of restoring activity. Some of these shortcomings are successfully eliminated through specifically targeted workout programs. Specialized clinicians often show the appropriate patient exercises designed to reinstate function and minimize the problems.

Orthopedic rehabilitation treatments programs include but are not limited to balancing, strengthening, stretching, joint immobilization, and modalities designed to reduce swelling and pain. The programs are classified into several units:

Physical Therapy Services In Naples

Physical therapy is a unique skill of restoring function to the body and reducing pain via a wide variety of procedures. Treatable conditions vary from injuries, accidents, chronic medical conditions or re-injury.

Treatments include aquatic therapy, custom foot orthotic fabrication, balance training, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), electrical stimulation, spinal traction, postural education, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises as well as modalities.

Naples Hand Therapy Services

Hand therapy aims at rehabilitating the hand and upper limbs. It mainly merges physical therapy and occupational therapy theory and practice. Hand therapy cover patients with such conditions as tendon injuries, crush injuries, peripheral nerve injuries, and repetitive motion disorder.

Services offered by orthopedic clinicians in this area include Post-operative management of upper extremity, joint mobilization, custom orthoses for the upper extremity instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, strengthening, taping techniques, edema management, wound and scar management, work simulation, the range of motion, and Arthritis.

Naples Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a special type of physical therapy that targets athletes, performing artists, and people who participate in other sport-intensive activities. Just like physical therapy, this unit deals with all types of injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Treatments include the restoration of function, pain reduction, increasing flexibility and strength, preventing injury, optimizing performance and educating patients.

Naples Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is assisting patients to return to their normal performance of daily activities. Here, occupational therapists help patients regain their functional skills in writing, holding, eating, bathing grabbing, driving, or improving cognitive functions. There are no restrictions regarding age and disabilities.

Common conditions treated are Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries, Eating/Grasping Difficulty, Fine Motor Control Issues, and Developmental Delay Issues. Occupational therapy is directly linked to hand therapy since many professional skills involve the use of the hand.

Outpatient Physical Therapy & General Rehabilitation

Outpatient services and general rehabilitation involves the execution of individuated treatment plans. Emphasis is laid on all problems affecting the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments) as well as post-operative rehabilitation needs. Every patient receives a unique treatment plan through private programs.

General rehabilitation includes Aerobic/cardiovascular reconditioning and building muscular endurance. In addition, it involves strengthening to improve muscle function and joint stability as well as postural re-education and training. Also, the balance/coordination training and functional training to improve activities like standing, walking, squatting, bending, and climbing stairs. Finally, it involves education on preventing re-injury or injury, sport-specific skill training, and pain management.

Pediatric Therapy in Naples

Pediatric rehabilitation involves working with children and their families to help a child reach their maximum potential as well as function independently. The program aims at helping patients actively participate in school, home and community activities.

Therapists often concentrate on facilitating motor development, improving strength and endurance, easing challenges in day-to-day operations, and enhancing learning opportunities. In a successful program, the involvement of the child’s family is essential.

An occupational or physical therapy carefully evaluates the child before the beginning of the program. The process involves the assessment of Strength and endurance, Posture and balance, developmental status, Motor skills, Muscle and joint function, cardiovascular status, Mobility, Sensory and neuromotor development, and Use of assistive technology

Typical treatment techniques involve positioning during daily routines, adapting toys for play, and expanding mobility options. In addition, it includes using equipment effectively, safety in home and community, and transitions from early childhood to school and into adult life. Strength, postural and flexibility routines, developmental activities, mobility and the use of Assistive devices are also typical treatment techniques.

Specialty Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

For specialty services, specialized skilled therapists are responsible for treating specific conditions and injuries. For example, one clinician may concentrate on treating sprains and another in rehabilitating patients with fractures.

Naples Wellness Programs

Wellness programs ensure continued gains after the end of rehabilitation sessions. Sometimes, after completing therapist-directed treatment, it is necessary to keep working out. In such cases, therapists recommend specific training programs and patterns to ensure overall fitness and complete restoration of one’s well-being. Individuals can opt to take part in the program either unassisted or assisted.

Recovery after an orthopedic surgery or injury can be daunting. Even a minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery is enough to make one anxious. However, with various therapy and rehabilitation programs, the journey to recovery is easygoing. Rehabilitation services reduce the overall length of recovery time by increasing the pace of your healing to lead you back to full activity finally.

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